My Main Man Greysun

Posted by Dartanya Croff on

Hello everyone. My name is Dartanya and this my dog son Greysun. Simply put... He saved my life.


Greysun was born March 20, 2020. He is a Blue Nose Pitbull Dogo Argentino Mastiff mix. He is my first pitbull ever and I must say I've learned a lot about him and pitbulls as a whole.


A lot people want to know how he saved my life, well let me tell you. In 2019, I got hit by a car while riding my bike. I'm still here, so thank God for that. Yet the healing journey was far from over. On May 7th I got Greysun from Kkb Kennels in Flint, Mi and that was when the real healing started. Greysun gave me a reason each and everyday to get up and make each day better then the last. You see, I've always been big on healing my body using plants and feeding my body what it needs. Eating this herb or this veggie or this fruit based on what I needed. And I got this thought, "If I can heal my body using plants, why can't I make sure Greysun has all the same benefits I'm getting?"


And BOOM... Greysun's Grub Dog Treats came along lol. Okay so it wasn't that simple, I'll be honest. After Greysun developed a rash from a certain brand of dog food, it became my mission to know what he is eating and for it to simply be simple ingredients.


Greysun's Grub Dog Treats are exactly what I have always desired in a dog treat. Something simple, tasty, and nutritious. He loves what he is eating. I love that I know what he is eating.


My Main Man Greysun.🖤